Conduct a Google search on why training fails and you’re presented with over 173 million results. Evidence indicates that the “spray and pray” approach is the dominant method used for implementing training programs. Over 60% of talent leaders report being unable to determine whether a training initiative advanced their organization toward a business goal. With 2020 North American training spending at approximately USD $82 billion, that leaves at least $49 billion in unanswered ROI questions.

We believe a key factor in poor performance of knowledge transfer outcomes is associated with the siloed approach to training. For example, leadership may decide to spend valuable resources on sales training when the root cause of low sales may have nothing to do with the sales team. Our expertise in the areas of talent, customer-centric innovation, and performance help clients avoid siloed training expenditure pitfalls.

Resiliance links all training and knowledge transfer expenditures to improved business outcomes through our value-based performance contracts.

Our Capabilities

Don’t let past poor training outcomes or current industry failures prevent you from investing in your most valuable resource – your talent. Demand that any training service provider present ROI information and guarantee results – we do!

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well
enough so they don’t want to.”

Sir. Richard Branson