While the trend toward inbound marketing and content creation in business-to-business (B2B) marketing is not new, it has accelerated with the arrival of Covid-19 and the resulting reduction in personal interaction. Couple that with the ever-increasing time we all spend online and it’s clear that for small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs), consistent, quality content – in greater and greater volumes – is critical to success.

Awareness | Consideration | Decision

Research provides evidence for some of the anecdotal assumptions marketers make about B2B buyers. For example, the days of a customer waiting for your sales rep to “illuminate” the benefits of your company’s product or service with a brochure and glazed donuts are long gone. It’s estimated that B2B buyers are about 60% to 70% done researching potential options before ever contacting sales. If you’re not providing the research material for them – your content on “why you” – they’re almost certain to find it from one of your competitors.

As a B2B marketer, the content – or research material – you provide prospects often needs to speak to a wide range of decision makers. And the larger the company, the wider the net you may need to cast. Decision makers in a B2B buying journey may number from two or three up to 10 or more. Does your content speak to their pain points? If your competitor’s content does, your window of opportunity narrows significantly.

Few SMEs have the resources or internal skillset to leverage inbound marketing by developing consistent content that speaks to their prospects’ pain points. That’s where Resiliance comes in. Our team is structured and staffed for efficient, effective content creation to build your inbound marketing machine, helping guide your customers in their buying journey.

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Sir. Richard Branson